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Term Mission Teams in fulfilling the Great


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We are Long-Term Missionaries who use Short-Term Mission Teams in fulfilling the Great Commission!

We Host:

Youth Teams, Family Teams, Adult Teams & Church Teams. All with any kind of work & ministry emphasis desired!

You’re Needed!


Per Person - 7 Day Trip

Adults-Youth     $225

Children (6-12)  $200

Pre-School (0-5) Free

(A higher fee is

charged for smaller teams)

Fees Include:

Lodging, building materials,

tools for work projects,

VBS Program, media & ministry

equip., coordination of ministries,

and our on-site assistance!

Spring Break Mission Team Ministry!

Serving the Needs of Mexico for 22 Years!

Go Missions to Mexico has organized over 11,000

Short-term mission trip participants and counting!

Ministry Leader Endorsement!

Overwiew of Our Location in Mexico

Eating Lunch at Your Specially Chosen Church!  

Summer Mission Team Ministry!

Close-by Beaches!

Safety Concerns in Mexico Addressed!

Our Area of Mexico is Very Safe

Mission Base Tour Video

Fun & Free Time with Go Missions to Mexico!

Pastor’s & Professor’s Endorsements!

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Mission Trip Leader Testimony!

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All Kinds of  Ministry Opportunities!

Mission Trip Testimony Video!

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Mission Trip Overview!

All Kinds of  Work Project Opportunities!

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Mission trips to Mexico for youth, teens, families, adults & churches

Our Unique Style of Ministry

Your mission team will minister at a specially chosen church while serving in Mexico. Through this church, you’ll do your ministries & outreaches. By strengthening and working with the local church, your fruit will remain long after you're gone. This philosophy of ministry ensures maximum fruit and impact! In our ministry you don't just serve the people of Mexico, you serve with them!

Please join us in building Christ’s

Church in Mexico!


Testimonies from Short-Term Mission Team Leaders!

"Go Missions to Mexico" is a leader’s dream come true. The website is so comprehensive that the team is well equipped long before we arrive in the area where we will be serving. To have so much help from the full-time, on-site missionaries is priceless. We have a connection that we can trust to set the mission trip in motion for us. The daily plans have been set up ahead of time but have enough flexibility that we can fit the trip to our group’s needs. "Go Missions to Mexico" is especially good for teams or team members who have not experienced a mission trip before. I believe if we give students an enjoyable first experience on a mission trip they will be more likely to be missions minded the rest of their life. The compound is quite comfortable and safe. The kitchens are very well equipped and there are flushing toilets and hot showers. It doesn't get much better than that. "Go Missions to Mexico is a great place!"

Sandra Covarrubias, Group Coordinator

Redding Christian Church, Redding, California


"We would like to thank you for your work. I got much feedback stating how much everyone appreciated the time you took to explain things to us and your obvious servant's heart. It was an honor to serve with your family. After leading many short term trips, I must say you have it right. The mix of work projects and visitation is great for meeting everyone's gifts and desires to serve."  

Jeff Breneman, Youth Worker

Risen Lord Community Church, St. Luis, Missouri  


“We have brought groups of high school students and their families down for six years now. Our desire has been to partner with established churches" and ministries in Baja, Mexico, to encourage and support God’s work there. "Go Missions to Mexico" coordinates opportunities to work side by side with believers in Baja. You can expect to be blessed as well as to be a blessing. We highly recommend Go Missions to Mexico as a short-term missions opportunity that is connected to the ongoing work of God in Mexico."  

Kenny Clark, Pastor

Grace Evangelical Free Church, La Mirada, California  


"Our church has worked with "Go Missions to Mexico" for several years. I have been most impressed with the way they coordinate our time while we are working with the local church. It is an excellent opportunity for everyone to experience hands on evangelism with people that are in such need of the Word of God.  It is especially exciting that our group is able to build relationships with the people that we are there to serve. We have had participants in our group from age 2 to 77, and there seems to be something for everyone to do within their comfort level. The facilities at the missions base are excellent and make for a great place to relax after serving in the local community. I would highly recommend "Go Missions to Mexico" if your group is looking for a well rounded missions experience with the ultimate goal of introducing people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ."

Brandon Chase, Group Coordinator

Canby Christian Church, Canby Oregon


"We have sent teams to work with "Go Missions to Mexico" for many years. Each time the teams come home they are inspired to live lives more focused on eternity. They get involved in our VBS's, our missions teams and in reaching out to unbelievers in their own culture. We believe these short term mission trips have a profound impact on the culture of our church. I know that you have many missions opportunities to be involved with, but I strongly urge you to consider getting involved with "Go Missions to Mexico." While you might not be able to send a team to Russia or Africa, like us you might be able to send one to Mexico. When you roof a church or hold a child on your lap during a VBS lesson, you directly invest in God's work in them and you!"

Paul Glazner, Pastor

Family Church, Sutherlin, Oregon

Click for more testimonies and references

Mission Trip Testimony Video!

Mission Trip Testimony Video!

We're located by the ocean with gorgeous beaches!

See what other team leaders say about us


Ministry Opportunities We Offer

During the Mornings

Lunch Time

During the Afternoons

During the Evenings

Sports Outreaches

Time for Your Own Activities & Experiencing the Culture of Mexico!

You're Needed!  

Mission Trips Offered Year Around!

What's Different About Our Ministry?

Unique Ways We Can Help With Your Mission Trip!

We’re Long Term Missionaries! We're currently in our 18th year living on the mission field with an additional 4 years of experience in leading 2-3 mission teams a year to Mexico. With this unique gift, God has taught us the most healthy and impactful way to involve short-term mission teams in the Great Commission. Our purpose is to use our short-term mission organization to incorporate youth mission trips, family mission trips, adult mission trips, teen mission trips, medical, construction and any other a kind of mission trip in our long-term missionary work. Rest assured your group is needed and will be utilized wisely!

We provide a clean, safe, mission base for your group to stay at while serving on your short term missions trip in Mexico! The Mission Base is situated in a large open area with a distant view of the ocean. It provides the perfect setting for short term missionaries to stay while serving in Mexico. You can feel secure that your team will be in a safe, secure, fenced in facility. Also, we are located in a rural, agricultural area with no threats of any kind. We're located about four hours South of San Diego, in the San Quintin Valley of Baja California, Mexico. Facilities include furnished kitchens (with stoves, refrigerators, pots and pans, etc.), dining rooms, meeting rooms, hot showers, flushing toilets, dorms with cushions, campfire areas, recreational areas, a close-by beach, and more. It provides a safe haven to return to after a full day of activities. The Ministry Base can accommodate 235 people in beds and another 500 if camping is desired. It has 4 separate lodging amenities, each with their own accommodations.  More on Mission Base Facilities

The cost is very affordable! We offer affordable, safe, short-term mission trip opportunities to Mexico. We do everything possible to keep fees low so all can experience a mission trip, and at the same time, offer high-quality service. Mission trip fees cover the following: lodging, construction materials for your work projects, most general tools for work projects, all ministry & media equipment for your ministries, Vacation Bible School Program, puppets and puppet stage, boom boxes, videos, video equipment, puppet scripts & cd's in Spanish, coordination of all your ministries and work projects, Spanish translation help, and our on-site presence and assistance at all times. More on Mission Trip Fees

We provide help with food and transportation! We offer great help for making food prep and transportation a breeze no matter how large your mission team is. More on Eating & Meals in Mexico

Orphanage Work! Many mission teams ask us about serving at an orphanage. The children our ministry serves are actually needier than the children in orphanages. Many children in our area are neglected and left alone as both parents work to get by. As a result, many young children 12 or younger are left alone to care for their siblings. Our ministry serves these needy children by doing Vacation Bible Schools, etc., that provide attention both spiritually and physically to these children. Additional time can be spent as well if desired.

Mission training for your team members! Our a large online “Trip Prep Section,” and a downloadable “Leader’s Manual” that will clearly walk you through everything you'll need to know for planning your short-term mission trip to Mexico, get your mission team ready for ministry, and prepare them for cross-cultural sensitivity. We have many resources, training materials, handouts, etc., available for mission team preparation, and provide help for organizing your mission trip, your stay in Mexico, and more!  More on Trip Prep Section

We coordinate your schedule according to your group’s abilities & desires! Because we live in Mexico and have a year around ministry to the pastors & churches in our region, we have a good pulse on the needs here. We also have 22 years of experience in working with short-term mission teams as well. We provide help and coordination with your Vacation Bible School, Work Projects, Outreaches, Evangelism, the meals at the church you'll serve at, and more. We coordinate everything before your arrival and take care of all the details for your ministries. You'll arrive with the peace of mind knowing that everything has been coordinated ahead of time for your missionary trip in Mexico.

We serve with you and assist you during your stay in Mexico! We will serve alongside you and act as your hosts. If you need help in any area of your mission trip, we're always available to help out.

Follow-up! We arrange with local pastors on the mission field to disciple new believers and others whom your team will minister to during their time in Mexico.

We can customize your mission trip to fit your style and abilities! The middle name of our short term mission organization is flexibility. We can customize your schedule to accommodate you in almost any way you would like. A short-term mission trip to Mexico can have an emphasis towards a youth mission trip, high school mission trip, Jr. high mission trip, teen mission trip, student mission trip, college mission trip, or a family mission trip.  

We provide Spanish help and translators if you need it! Because we live in Mexico, we all speak fluent Spanish and can assist you if you lack translators or the ability to speak Spanish. We also have Spanish help on our website to help as well. More on Spanish

The weather in Baja California is pleasant year around! The area in which we’re located (San Quintín, Baja California), which is close to the Pacific Ocean, is very pleasant year around. Winter highs are in the 70's, lows in the 50's. Summer highs are in the 80's, lows in the 70's. With temperatures mild year around, short term mission trips can be made anytime during the year. We also have close-by beaches that are clean, sandy, and little used. More on Beaches

We provide a unique schedule with multifaceted ministries and cultural proximity! We have worked hard to develop a ministry schedule that provides maximum impact for mission trips, is culturally sensitive, and gets you serving right alongside the nationals of Mexico. More on Schedule of Activities

We understand your position as a Group Coordinator! Four years prior to serving as long-term missionaries in Mexico, we led 2-3 mission trips a year to Mexico. We have organized youth mission trips, family mission trips and college mission trips. We understand what it’s like to be a Group Coordinator. We know that you want to truly serve, and at the same time, see your youth, family, and adult's lives changed. Part of the purpose of our mission agency is to help you bring about real life change in your team member's lives. For this reason, our orientation and debriefing Meetings focus on bringing about true and lasting life change in your team member's lives. We have also put together a large Trip Prep Section for help in preparing your team as well.

We offer all kinds of short-term mission trip opportunities for youth, families, adults, high school, Jr. High, and mixed short-term mission teams! We are set up to handle any kind of short term missions trip you might want to put together. We offer youth mission trips, family mission trips, and general Christian short-term mission opportunities for youth, family, and adults. Our short-term mission organization uses teams year around; Spring Break, Summer Break, Thanksgiving Break & Christmas Break. We also focus on serving children needier than those in orphanages.

We're a family run ministry! Because we're a family run ministry, we can be casual and flexible. You won't be dealing with a large mission agency with impersonal people and complicated regulations. We're warm, friendly, and easy to deal with. We'd like to invite you to participate in a short-term mission trip to Mexico with Go Missions to Mexico. More on About Us & References

You’re greatly needed! We serve around 150 churches in our area, and they all ask us for teams to help them out. We need you and would ask you to prayerfully consider coming. A mission trip to Mexico can change both the lives of those in your group and those in Mexico as well.

Mission trips are offered year around! Besides popular dates like Spring Break Mission Trips, Easter Break Mission Trips, Summer Break Mission Trips, Thanksgiving Break Mission Trips, and Christmas Break Mission Trips, mission trips are offered year around!

Large Collection of Videos! We have put together a ton of videos to help you see exactly what your ministry and stay would look like in Mexico. Click for more video clips

We located close to the Pacific Ocean! We’re just a mile from the beautiful Pacific Ocean and have private beach front property for your use. Our beaches are sandy, very gradual, and little used. More on Beaches

About our Lovely Beaches!

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